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Hello. My name is Piret.

 I help individuals, couples, and businesses. I use combination of energy work, neuro linguistic programming, mindfulness, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, activations, meditations, movement and Access Bars.

I approach each person as the individual they are. Because as we are all one, we are still all different and going through different experiences. And that is why we all need our own tools, to build the life that we visualize for our self. To create and live our best life.

I help you get the answers from your subconscious mind and true self.

For the couples, I teach how to build mutual goals and support individual goals. I help couples to get aligned. I encourage couples to do the session in the beginning of the relationship. And not to wait until miscommunication will create problems. Prevention is the best tool for the Joyful relationship.

I also help people rebuild themselves and their life after the divorce or break up.

For the businesses and groups, I teach how to get the team motivated and build Joyful environment to all. 

I am the author of the book “Joyful Life Jumpstart”.

To arrange appointment call or text 239-895-7885. Or e-mail

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YMHFA Certificate
MHFA certificate
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Bodsphere's Certificate of 30-Hrs Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Program
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