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Access Bars Sessions

30 min $40

60 min $80

90 min $120

-Conversation with your true self                                      1 H $70.00

-Turn problem into solution                                        30 min $40.00

-Learn to turn problems into solutions                               1 H $60.00

-Release your emotional pain body                                         1 H $60

-Change your money mindset (Session and meditation) 1 h 30 min  $95

-Money mindset meditation                                                        $40

Signature packages 

-Your True Self- Unleash Your Full Potential.

-Get Unstuck and Refresh Your Life

-7 Hours to Positive Mindset

To find out more call or text 

or e-mail

One on One coaching sessions.

Couples - Develop positive mindset together. Set mutual goals. 

Group-Host a positive mindset workshop at your home, event or business.

Business - Get yourself and your team into positive mindset.

Marketing - Add positive feelings to your product, service and marketing strategy. 

To find out more call or text

or e-mail

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